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GLISTER™ Mint Refresher Spray

An indispensable companion, the Glister Mint Refresher Spray features a sweet and refreshing mint and anise flavour to help overcome food and tobacco after taste. It fights bacteria and provides long-lasting fresh breath on the go.

• Cool, minty taste -- Provides long-lasting fresh breath instantly.

• Effective formula -- Fights bacteria that cause bad breath.

• No calories for up to three sprays -- Calorie-free, sugar-free alternative to gum and mints, doesn't cause dental caries.

• Easy to use, lightweight and compact, a convenient 0.33-ounce dispenser -- Long lasting, portable, and convenient; fits in pocket, purse, handbag.

• Provides over 250 metered sprays -- Each metered spray lasts a fraction of a second and then turns itself off.

• Helps kill over 99.99% of the bacteria tested in less than one minute

• Helps kill over 99.99% of Streptococcus mutants

How to use: 
• Pull the cap straight up; never to the side. (If it is twisted or pulled to the side, it will break the tip
• Hold container upright
• Spray directly into the mouth


Retail Price
PHP 295.00

Item #:120351