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Backpack CEO Nutrilite Kids

 Arm your kids with the right nutrients and kick unhealthy food to the curb! 

Each Backpack CEO Healthy Kids bundle includes:

  • Nutrilite™ Kids Vitamins and Minerals Chewable Tablet, with 11 vitamins, beta carotene, and four minerals to help keep your kids healthy and strong. Each tablet comes in a fun, soccer ball design for a fun, delicious and great-tasting way to a healthy habit. It also contains phytonutrients from Nutrilite™ acerola cherry concentrates for additional nutritional benefits!
  • Nutrilite™ Kids Chewable Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables, with a sweet and tangy flavor. Each tablet delivers naturally sourced key phytonutrients in amounts equivalent to those found in 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables. It also contains xylitol, a natural sweetener that won’t promote tooth decay.
  • Nutrilite™ Soy Protein Drink Mix (Chocolate Flavor), an instant powdered protein drink for the whole family. It contains 10g of protein and is fortified with 150mg of calcium per serving. It is free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, and easily hydrates in hot or cold water. It is well-balanced and provides essential amino acids meeting international standards (World Health Organization) with a Protein Digestibility- Corrected Amino Acid Score of 1.00*.

Each bundle comes with the following freebies:

  • XS Backpack, Healthy Kids brochure, Flipchart

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PHP 4,520.00

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