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GLISTER™ Advanced Toothbrush

With its uniquely-designed handle and head, the Glister Advanced Toothbrush massages the gums, providing comfort, control and reach to effectively clean between teeth and at the gumline.

• Exclusive bristle pattern.

• Combines soft and medium bristles configured to provide effective interdental and plaque removal.

• Interdental bristles clean between teeth and at the gumline.

• Ergonomically-designed handle.

• Flexible neck reduces excessive pressure on teeth and gums.

• Gently cleans without damaging gums, absorbs pressure to gums.

• Comfortable, secure, non-slip grip for easy-to-control brushing.

• Patented head design (Patents: US 5054154; EP 0710534 B1).

• Tapered head that is thinner at the tip to reach back teeth.

• 46%* thinner at the tip to provide effective cleaning of hard-to-reach places.

• Slim head contains over 2,600 bristles.

• In-mold technology provides 75%* more bristles on a thinner head, allowing for more effective cleaning of hard-to-reach places.

• More tufts per head combined with more bristles per tuft provide more effective cleaning.

(* as compared to previous Glister Complete Care Toothbrush)

How to use: 
• Place a ribbon of toothpaste along the brush head
• Place the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gums
• Brush using short back-and-forth strokes
• Brush the outer surfaces, the inside surfaces, and the chewing surfaces of all teeth
• Brush the tongue to remove bacteria and keep breath fresh


Retail Price
PHP 760.00

Item #:100957