Product Return Policy

Amway offers a 100% Money Back Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with an Amway product(s), for any reason, you can return the product(s) within 90 days of purchasing. Amway offers a full cash refund, replacement of the product(s) or an exchange of another product(s) to the same value.

The ABO must complete the Return Merchandise Authorization form indicating the reason for return.

The ABO must return the product(s) to Amway Philippines, together with the Return Merchandise Authorization form.

ABOs may return unused Sales Kits for a full refund provided the kit is unused and otherwise undamaged containing its original contents. A 10% handling fee will be assessed, claims must be accompanied by the Return Merchandise Authorization form. The refund will be paid to the ABOs account, the ABO will be liable to pay any costs in returning the Sales Kits.

ABOs who resign their Amway business within ninety (90) days of joining will be entitled to a refund for the Sales Kit. A letter of resignation and Amway ABO I.D. Card(s) need to accompany the returned Sales Kit. The cost of returning the Sales Kit will be paid by the resigning ABO, reimbursement will be made in that month’s Performance Incentive payment to the resigning ABO.  

Amway Philippines will refund a resigning ABO for any product(s) returned in a saleable condition. Current product(s) do not include product(s) which are NLA (No Longer Available), damaged or product(s) which are not supplied or endorsed by Amway Philippines. All such returns will be liable to a 10% handling charge and a PV/BV adjustment will be made on said products. All costs incurred during the returning process will be paid by the resigning ABO. A letter of resignation, Amway ABO I.D. Card(s), and a fully completed Return Merchandise Authorization form should accompany any returned product from a resigning ABO.  

ABOs are discouraged from stocking products and are encouraged to purchase product quantities to fill customer orders and to meet their personal needs. However, should an ABO that find themselves in an overstock situation they are required to contact Amway Philippines in writing, requesting a stock buy-back. A complete list of all products concerned should be submitted with the request, ABOs will then be advised of the procedure to follow.  All products to be returned to Amway Philippines, L.L.C. must be properly packaged and include the correct paperwork. An order that has an overage, shortage or contains damaged products may be dealt with by using the space provided on the reverse side of the shipping documentation. 

Returns received by Amway Philippines after the 25th of the month will not be deducted from that month’s PV/BV, but rather will be processed and deducted from the following month’s PV/BV.

This form must accompany the return of all Amway products, the form is available for download or is available at any of the Amway Distributor Centers.  

To complete the return, please do the following:  


Print out and provide 2 copies of the return form by filling out the upper part with your name, address, ABO Number, and signature.  

Returned Merchandise

Fill in the item number (see the ABO Price on the website), product description, quantity and reason for return (1-12).

Prior Approval

ABOs who can go to the ADC (Amway Distributor Center) may present the return in person.  

ABOs, unable to return products in person, should complete the Return Merchandise Authorization form and contact Amway Philippines for instructions on product shipping procedures and related costs, if any.