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Nutriplant SL Liquid Seed Treatment (250ml)

Registration No.: 1-1IF-2355

Liquid seed treatment which contains micronutrients essential for seed germination and root growth. Designed for soaking of palay seeds and treatment of other crop seeds. It promotes rapid emergence and supports development of stronger root system for better and healthier seedlings.

• Seed Treatment
• Agriculture – Crop Nutrition


2ml/L of water

How to use:

Shake well before use. Apply Nutriplant SL before planting. Soak or spray product to the seeds or planting material to obtain thorough coating. Dilute with water as necessary to obtain uniform application. Use as little water as possible. Mix seeds until they are dry and do not stick together. Keep seeds dry until planting. Plant as usual.

For specific crops, refer to the Crop Protocols in the Knowledge Bank.


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