Core Plus+

The discretionary incentives program is a replacement for the growth incentive programs and complements the Core Plan to reward best practices in building a strong, and sustainable business.

These incentives give business owners the opportunity to earn more income sooner and continue to do so as their sales volume grows.
Core Plus+ was designed to enhance the various discretionary incentives programs in Amway’s many markets, aligning them to this single, powerful program.

Core Plus+ discretionary leader incentives

This incentive reward best practices by paying multipliers on sales volume or Core Plan bonuses. This means the more you earn under Core Plan, the more you can earn under Core Plus+.  The Leader Incentives are annual bonuses.
  • Personal Group Growth Incentive+ helps business owners earn extra on the way to Founders and beyond. By maintaining or increasing the number of qualified months in a year month, ABOs can earn an annual Performance Bonus multiplier.
  • Frontline Growth Incentive+ rewards you for coaching downline leaders to go for Founders Platinum. You can earn annual multipliers on Core Plan bonuses based on the frontline leaders who qualify, and if you have maintained or increased this amount from the previous Performance Year.

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