Personal Group Growth Incentive

Personal Group Growth Incentive (PGGI)

The Personal Group Growth Incentive looks to reward you as you either maintain or increase your personally qualified months, or ‘PQ’ months. This is an annual award that is based on both your personal and group performance.

ANow Structure
This incentive is available to all qualifying ABOs every single year. You can earn a ‘PQ’, a personal qualified month, every month you generate with the following mechanics:
  1. 10,000 or above Ruby PV or or
  2. 4,000 or above Ruby PV and a downline that qualifies at 21% on the Performance Bonus Schedule

ANow Structure​​​​​​​

To Qualify for the PGGI Bonus have at least 1,200 Personal Volume every year and increase or maintain your Total PQs to earn a multiplier based on the growth of your PQ months from the previous fiscal year.

Payment of bonus is based on your earned Performance Bonus during PQ months multiplied by your earned PQ Multiplier for the year.
ANow Structure
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