Standing Order Program

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Who can sign up for a subscription plan?

All duly registered ABOs and AES can apply, both main and co-applicant. The enrolled credit card (card holder) must either be that of main or co-applicant who signs on the SOP enrollment form. 

What is the difference between Company-Managed and Self-Managed SOP Profile?

An SOP profile permits you to administer the processing of your subscriptions – either automatic or manual.

Company-managed profile, given its name, allows Amway to automatically process your order on the date you set, auto-pay it using the card you enrolled and ship it to the address you registered. You can also create multiple company-managed profiles if you are catering to orders of your customers.

Self-Managed SOP profile, on the other hand, requires you to manually initiate online or in-shop order processing of your subscription in support of cash or other payment types. Only one self-manage profile can be created per SOP subscriber.​​​​​​​

What are all the available channels for enrollment and how do I know if I am enrolled?

​​​​​​​Available channel now is online via You can check your subscriptions by going to “My Account” under the dropdown menu and select “My SOP”.

​​​​​​​What are all the payment methods available for company-managed SOP enrollment?

Debit and credit cards powered by Visa and Master are accepted. We can only accept card enrollment belonging to the ABO-ship enrolled in the same plan (main and co-applicant). For debit card holders, please make sure to enrol or enable your card for online banking, and set aside the designated monthly amount of your SOP for your order processing date (OPD) to avoid delays or cancellations to your plan. 

When will orders be processed and shipped and what is the cut-off for enrollment?

Your SOP orders will be processed on your preferred order processing day (OPD). For the receipt of goods, expect 3 to 7 days from shipment date. 
Can I enroll to multiple SOP plans with more than 1 subscription quantity?

Yes, ABOs can enroll to more than 1 (one) SOP plan and more than 1(one) subscription quantity. The related benefit or gift from the SOP is attached to each plan quantity, so the more you subscribe the more you benefit!

What if I change address or mode of delivery in the middle of the program?

For changes in address or mode of delivery (pick-up from shop), just sign in to and go to My SOP under My Account dropdown to edit your profile’s address. 

What if I change my SOP order in the middle of the SOP program?

Only specific information can be changed in your SOP order. Either edit the variant or reduce the subscription quantity.
What if an item is on TNA for a particular month or period?

If an item under SOP becomes TNA, you will be receiving a notification via your registered email that your subscription will automatically be shifted to one month because of this situation and fulfillment of your current SOP order will happen next month.

​​​​​What if payment is not made successful/ rejected?

In the event that the enrolled card failed to successfully push through with payment, the ABO will receive an email notification advising that there is an order with payment pending. The ABO will be given 48hrs to settle the payment, otherwise, SOP plan will be cancelled.

Will SOP be in conjunction with other promotions?

No, items under SOP will not qualify for any other promotions.

Can I co-load another ordered product(s) with my existing SOP?

No, fulfilment of your SOP orders will be separate from your regular purchases.

​​​​​​​What are all the areas covered for delivery by SOP?

The same areas that we currently service for normal orders will be the same areas covered under SOP delivery.

Can I customize the product combination(s) that I want to enroll for SOP?

Variant combination can be made for plans having this option.

​​​​​​Can I ‘auto-renew’ the plan which I enrolled?

​​​​​​​Upon subscription, you can click on “Auto Continue” field in the SOP PDP page of the plan offering automatic renewal.

​​​​​​​Where can I find other resources related to SOP?

​​​​​​​Download Amway Central on the Playstore or App Store to access SOP user guides. You may also check under the Amway website's EDUCATION tab for other helpful resources.